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Fundraising Needs

Our unit is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 that relies on grants and donations from the public in order to fund new equipment purchases, training, fuel reimbursement, insurance, and other expenses. We can't do what we do without you - please help - any little bit makes a difference!

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Maine Mounted SAR (MMSAR)

We're always looking for new members, whether they can help us administratively, or in a support, foot, or mounted capacity at a search.


Phone: (207) 458-6036

Registered 501(c)(3): 01-0535116

Maine Association for SAR (MASAR)

The Maine Association for SAR (MASAR) is an umbrella organization responsible for training, certifying, and dispatching its ~15 member units. If MMSAR doesn't feel right for you please visit MASAR's Active Units page to see if another might be a better fit for you! 

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