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Mounted Search Teams


​Here are just a few of the major requirements for an equine to successfully pass the Mounted Team Evaluation (which is required for certification as a Mounted Search Team Member):​

  • Equine must be well-mannered, non-aggressive, calm, trail experienced

  • Equine must pony and be ponied

  • Equine must stand quietly while tied and on the trailer

  • Equine must load into a strange trailer by a strange handler with no input from owner, in less than 10 minutes
  • Equine and rider must successfully complete a daylight ride of 10-15 miles or 3-5 hours

  • Equine and rider must successfully complete a night ride of at least 4 miles or 1 hour

  • Equine and rider must successfully camp overnight using only items carried on horseback

  • Equine must work independently from the herd, that is, leave and be left

  • Rider must maintain control of the equine around bicycles, ATVs, chainsaws, gun fire, car alarms, sirens, and other stimuli

  • Rider must mount from ground (includes natural obstacles such as rock/log) while equine stands quietly

  • Other requirements as specified


Please click here to read the "Mounted Team Certification Standard" and accompanying appendices imposed by the Maine Association for Search and Rescue (MASAR) on all SAR equines.  All our equines must meet these standards *plus our own additional requirements* in order to become certified for Mounted Search and Rescue under MASAR.  Their riders must meet a different set of standards, which are explained on our Search Team Member Certification page.

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