Maine Mounted Search and Rescue (MMSAR) is Maine’s only Mounted Search and Rescue unit, and is a Certified team within the Maine Association for Search And Rescue (MASAR). We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional volunteer organization, and our mission is to look for people lost or missing in the wilderness of Maine. MMSAR is on call solely to the Maine Warden Service (MWS) and Acadia National Park, although we are able to respond to searches run by other local and state agencies if the MWS is also involved. If you are in need of search and rescue resources in Maine, please call 911 and ask that they connect you to the Warden Service. The Wardens will then deploy MASAR units as their incident commanders deem necessary.

MMSAR members may opt to perform Support Services, Ground Search, and/or Mounted Search functions. Want to be a member but you don't have an equine? That's perfectly fine, we have several members who solely perform Support and Ground Search services! Don't want to Ground Search but interested in administrative or computer-based tasks? Are you good with event planning, fundraising, grant proposal writing, or logistics? If so, contact us, you could still be a valuable Associate member!

As professionals, members are responsible for attending quarterly unit meetings and monthly training sessions as well as maintaining required certifications. As a volunteer organization, members supply their own basic equipment and supplies as well as donate their time and fuel. 

We accept members from anywhere in the State of Maine and even have members from New Hampshire! Wider membership residency means we can respond faster to searches all over Maine. Because our membership is statewide, many of our trainings are held regionally (North/Central/South). We hold the majority of our meetings either in the Litchfield area, or over video conference.  


Members & Officers

Ashley & Yukon


Duty Officer

 MASAR Unit Rep

Member Since 2015

Bradford, ME




Duty Officer

Alternate MASAR Unit Rep

*Founding Member*

West Gardiner, ME

Sharon & Kodak

Duty Officer

Training Officer - North

Training Records Coord

Member Since 2007

Corinth, ME

Michael & Dancer


Training Officer - South

Member Since 2020

Shelburne, NH


Associate Since 2021

Member 2015-2020

Peaks Island, ME

Monica & Ember

Vice President

Member Since 2017

North Berwick, ME

Melissa* & Bisbee

Board Chair

Member Since 2008

Dixmont, ME

*Also certified with Liberty

Jen & Daisy

Duty Officer

Public Relations Officer
Member Since 2020

Litchfield, ME

Ellen & Flame


Member Since 2008

East Waterboro, ME


Associate Since 2020

York, ME



Duty Officer

Recruitment Officer

Member Since 2020

Bowdoinham, ME

Melissa* & Liberty

Board Chair

Member Since 2008

Dixmont, ME

*Also certified with Bisbee

Rachel & Max

Training Officer - Central

*Founding Member*

Greene, ME


Member Since 2020

Litchfield, ME


Preliminary Member 2020

Buckfield, ME

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Maine Mounted SAR (MMSAR)

We're always looking for new members, whether they can help us administratively, or in a support, foot, or mounted capacity at a search.


Phone: (207) 458-6036

Registered 501(c)(3): 01-0535116

Maine Association for SAR (MASAR)

The Maine Association for SAR (MASAR) is an umbrella organization responsible for training, certifying, and dispatching its ~15 member units. If MMSAR doesn't feel right for you please visit MASAR's Active Units page to see if another might be a better fit for you! 

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