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Equine Scent Training Video Description:

2016: After only 2 training exercises to "learn the game" Kodak was quickly getting it, as did most other horses and riders. Scent frequently flows along depressions and watersheds, and you may notice the head cast or head swing before Kodak turns towards our right to follow the scent. When the horse gets onto the scent, the riders need to give the horse its head and let it follow the scent in. In this case the scent was apparently low to the ground, so watch the horse's head. Amazing training evolution and very effective training techniques by Terry Nowacki.

Drone Landing Zone Video Description:

Our horses are trained to remain under control around helicopters, drones, lights/sirens on patrol cars, smoke and fire, gunshots, and other "scary" distractions.

This video was taken when we had Terry Nowacki return to Maine for a second Equine Air Scent Detection training in 2018.

Our horses and riders have continued to train with air scent detection and are excited to offer more skills to assist in finding lost people.