melissa and liberty

Melissa & Liberty
Duty Officer

Melissa has been riding for over 33 years. She started riding at a hunter/jumper show barn at 8 years old and showed up through armature owner classes in her early 20s. She has been lucky enough to ride many different breeds and try many disciplines including dressage, western pleasure, reining, gaming, polo and driving, and now enjoys trail riding as much as possible.

Melissa joined MMSAR in 2008 and received her full certification in 2009 with a Tennessee Walking Horse named Peek-A-Boo. This is her 3rd (nonconsecutive) year as President of MMSAR. She has served on the Board of Directors for 4 years and was the Northern Training Officer for 3 years. Her current partner is a 7-year-old Kentucky Mountain Horse named Liberty, with whom she just certified in June of 2016. She has participated in many searches both mounted and as a "ground-pounder".

ashley and yukon
 Ashley N & Yukon
Duty Officer

Ashley has volunteered with Maine Mounted Search and Rescue since 2015. In that time, she has served as Outreach & Recruitment Officer, Duty Officer, and now Vice President. Ashley certified as a mounted searcher, along with Yukon, her 12 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, in June of 2017. Ashley joined MMSAR in January of 2015 and completed her BASAR certification in May of 2018. Ashley previously certified with her 12 year old Quarter Horse mare, Fawn in June 2015.

Ashley started trail riding at the age of 5 with her Aunt. Prior to certifying as a mounted team, Ashley and Yukon participated in a Bill Richey de-spooking clinic, going through smoke bombs, fire, flares and obstacles with sirens blaring and dogs barking. Ashley has recently started taking Center Riding Lessons to improve her balance and communication in the saddle after a few mishaps. Yukon is Ashley’s first gaited horse, prior to joining MMSAR, Ashley had never heard of a “gaited horse”. Yukon has a goofball personality and loves to be in the middle of just about everything, he is at home on the trails and loves to explore wherever they go.

tammy and sugar

 Tammy & Sugar
Co-Northern Training Officer

Tammy joined MMSAR in November of 2012 with her partner Sugar, a registered Missouri Foxtrotter. Tammy enjoys the challenge of riding while searching, and using that ability as a good way to give back to the people in the state of Maine when a loved one is missing. The experience of belonging to this unit has been wonderful and fulfilling.
nancy and lacey
Treasurer, Director

Nancy is a founding member and has held many offices within the unit. She has retired her mount, Lacey and currently offers her assistance on foot.

sharon and kodak

 Sharon & Kodak
Lead Duty Officer, Director, Co-Public Relations Officer, Chairman of the Board

Sharon has been riding for over 20 years; for about 10 years she competed in endurance and competitive trail riding with her Arab cross gelding "Zephyr's Elegant Gift". She has been a member of MMSAR since September of 2007, first with Zephyr (now retired) and subsequently with her mixed-breed gaited gelding "Kodak", a very sensitive horse who is always alert to his surroundings. As such he has been very successful with the air-scent search training they have been doing together. At the 2017 Bill Richie "Mounted Police Horse" training they attended recently, Kodak got a slow start but was eventually very successful. Sharon also ground searches or helps in the command post when needed. She has been MASAR-Certified since 2009 and certified as a Wilderness First Responder since 2014.

Sharon is a past President, Secretary, and PR Officer, but has been taking on fewer responsibilities in the unit since the birth of her son in May 2017. She is currently a Director, Chairman of the Board, and Secretary for the Maine Association for Search and Rescue. In her professional life she is the marketing and membership director and database administrator for a large fitness center, as well as office manager and bookkeeper for her husband's auto repair shop. She lives in Corinth with her husband John and their son Colton.

cynde and dunkin
 Cynde & Dunkin
Vice President, Co-Southern Training Officer

Cynde and Dunkin (a sooty buckskin Morgan) have been a MMSAR team since 2015. Cynde is a therapeutic riding instructor, sharing the power and magic of the relationship with horses with students who live with disabilities. Dunkin is the leader of his herd at their Island home from where they are able to respond to searches in the Southern part of Maine. Cynde and Dunkin have been together since 2009 and enjoy trail riding, versatility challenges and horse camping.

ellen and flame
 Ellen & Flame
Co-Southern Training Officer

Ellen got her first horse when she was 10. Active in 4-H, she soon acquired another small horse and a pony. She showed her horses in the Maine Horse Association circuit, traveling across Maine and winning many trophies. She purchased her dream horse, a four month old Arabian named Rantara, whom she trained and showed as a trick horse, performing throughout Eastern Canada and New England. After 35 years in teaching, she retired to pursue her passions. She moved to the country (East Waterboro), built a log home and big barn, and began spending her time trail riding and horse camping, about which she wrote a book in 2008.

In 2006 she joined Maine Mounted Search And Rescue (MMSAR), certified Flame, a 7 year old Arab mare that she trained, and actively went on searches. Presently, she is very active in training a young Arabian, serving on the Board of Maine State Academic Decathlon, being Secretary and Board member of the Waterboro Land Trust, serving as Lecturer of Hollis Grange, organizing a major trail ride for S.M.A.R.T riding club, and being a training officer for MMSAR.

d'arcy and gulliver
 D'Arcy & Gulliver
President, Co-Public Relations Officer

D’Arcy has volunteered with Maine Mounted Search and Rescue since 2015. In that time, she has served as Vice President and Public Relations officer. D’Arcy is certified and experienced as both a ground searcher and as a mounted searcher, along with Gulliver, her 13 year old quarter horse gelding. D’Arcy joined MMSAR in October of 2015 and received BASAR certification in May of 2016. The following month, she and Gulliver certified as a mounted team.

D’Arcy has dabbled in equitation, jumping, and dressage lessons over the years, but her first love has always been trail riding. In recent years, her focus has been on improving her understanding of how horses communicate with each other and with humans, and using that knowledge to improve the communication between her and her horses. Her search and rescue partner, Gulliver, has a nice laid-back personality and is very affectionate with people. Prior to joining search and rescue, D’Arcy and Gulliver participated in a de-spooking clinic taught by a mounted police horse trainer. After Gulliver boldly walked through fire, smoke bombs, and other obstacles – all while police lights and sirens whirred around them – D’Arcy decided they were ready to take on the challenge of Mounted Search and Rescue.

D'Arcy currently resides in Hampden with her husband Daryl and their son, Jed, along with the family dogs, Gulliver, a Spotted Saddle Horse named Buckshot, and two miniature donkeys, Zorro and Diego.

Rachel & Max

Rachel is a founding member. She owns her own businesses, lawn care and plowing, and also embroidery. She is certified in WFA, FA/CPR, and is an EMT. She recently lost her partner, Mabel Lee, a sorrel quarter horse who was great on trails and with children. Mabel loved to go on searches and would not stop. Mabel had her own little way to communicate with her funny whinny. Rachel certified with her new mount Max in June 2018.

faye and timber


Faye has been a member since 2006. She has retired her mount, Timber and currently offers her assistance in a support capacity.

 Kim & Caesar

Director, Co- Outreach & Recruitment Officer

Kim has been riding horses since her feet hit the ground. Horses have always been her passion and hobby since she was very young. Prior to joining Maine Mounted Search and Rescue she had been trail riding her horse Caesar. Caesar is a 22 year old Standardbred gelding who she has been training since he was 4 months old. Her and Caesar have been to many horse training clinics, such as Bill Richey’s Despooking class, Ron Johnson clinics and some riding lessons. She has taken Caesar to Memory Lane in Andover twice where she rode all day and crossed small rivers and streams.

Kim completed her BASAR training in May of this year and became a full member of MMSAR. Kim certified with Caesar on June 16, 2018. Caesar has quite the energy and can be a huge handful at times and she is constantly working on teaching him patience. There is always something new to learn when working with horses. She enjoys any training that is offered to her to improve her riding skills and how to create an even better bond with her horse. Joining MMSAR is going to be a great experience and an amazing way to give back to the communities.

Kim currently lives in Newburgh, ME with her husband Kevin, 2 daughters Amber and Angel, along with 2 coon cats and 2 horses, Caesar and Wrangler. She works at Bangor Savings Bank as a Quality Assurance and Reporting Specialist/AVP, this is her 24th year at the bank.


Secretary, Co-Outreach & Recruitment Officer

Monica began riding lessons at age 9 and soon enjoyed guiding lesson horses over hedge jumps in the large fields. But upon getting her own horse at age 12, she began to just trail ride, as there was no transportation to the jumping events, and she learned that trail riding was her passion. With her mother’s help, she kept her first horse for 27 years through many life changes, even after going back to taking jumping lessons for several years.

But trail riding was always the main focus, and Monica began doing the Hunter Pace circuit in New Jersey, then when she moved to Maine in 2009, Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding.

Monica’s trail and life partner is a Morgan, “Ember”. After looking for a year for an Arabian to buy for endurance, Monica stopped by a farm to see a Morgan just because… and then had to have him, even if he was the wrong breed, untrained at age 3, heavy for endurance, “flunked” his natural horsemanship training, wouldn’t load on a trailer, and even failed his vetting. His “I want to be your friend” personality towards both people and horses is amazing… Monica has never regretted her decision, and has completed over 1000 competition miles with Ember, despite the challenges of endurance competition with a heavy dark horse.

Monica is new to MMSAR and is looking forward to attending trainings and assisting with searches, both ground and eventually mounted. In the woods of Maine is a great place to be.


Matt has been a member since May of 2018.



Co-Northern Training Officer

Carrie has been a member since February 2018.


Ashley B

Preliminary Member

Joined April 2019.

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