How To Join

Becoming and being a member of Maine Mounted Search and Rescue requires dedication and commitment, but it is also incredibly rewarding!

Basic Membership Requirements
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Physical fitness level suitable for traveling miles into the wilderness with little or no support
  • Ability to leave with very little notice
  • Completion of required trainings and certifications
  • Mounted Members: access to a suitable horse, truck, and trailer
Members need to attend monthly meetings and periodic training sessions. We also have to maintain current certification status for both ourselves and, if we are mounted members, our horses.  Finally, we each pay $15 a year in membership dues.

How To Become A Member

To become a member, you'll submit a new member application and $15 annual dues, and begin coming to meetings and training sessions.  You'll come on board in probationary status and we'll pair you with a seasoned member who can help you navigate the training and certification requirements. 

It takes a while to complete all of the requirements, but you'll be a valued member of the team throughout the process... your questions and input are welcome.  You'll be able to vote once you've reached Member status.

Requirements of Full Certification

A fully-certified member of MMSAR has met the following requirements, and is able to attend a search in their choice of Support, Ground Searcher, or Mounted Searcher:
  • Basic CPR & First Aid certification
  • Fitness test (2-mile walk with 25# pack in under 30 minutes is preferred method)
  • Online Federal Incident Command System certification (ICS-100)
  • Basic Search And Rescue certification (BASAR)
  • Mounted Members: Certified horse
You do not have to have these requirements before applying. Training will be provided to you after you join. Probationary members will be responsible for the cost of training, which is minimal.  If paired with a fully-Certified member, Mounted members may attend a search in the capacity of Mounted Searcher once the CPR/FA and Fitness requirements have been completed.  Ground Searchers may attend searches once the CPR/FA and Fitness requirements have been completed, but they are not eligible to lead search teams.

Interested but not quite ready to apply? Send an email to our Outreach & Recruitment Officer at, or call (207) 852-2638.

We're very glad you're interested in joining... we can't wait to hear from you!